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Name: Leechgrave; goes by Lee
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male (or at least takes a male form)
Race: Heartless
Residence: None; he travels
Occupation: Devourer of Hearts


Hair Color: Dark green
Hair Style: Messy and long, unkempt and almost stringy-like vines
Eye Color: Gold and wide, without pupils
Skin Color: Pale blue
Abnormalities: Miniature Tentaclaws spread out from his back and can be used to grip things
Accessories: He wears varying shiny pieces of jewelry, most taken from his victims. He also wears a black eyepatch over one of his eyes.
Clothing: His top is a simple strip of black cloth with the Heartless insignia printed on it. It shows off his midriff, and over that he wears the kind of coat you see at funerals-also black, trimmed with gold. His pants are tight and coarse, and for footwear, he simply wears black bandages wrapped tightly. On his head is a hat the color of his flower, two yellow buttons mimicking the eyes.


Personality Description: He almost seems childish at first, curious and kind. But in truth, it's a cunning deception. He has been known to trick people into feeding him instead of doing the hunting himself. He rather enjoys taking root and playing up his innocent appearance, his true form growing larger the more hearts he devours. He will eventually betray most everyone, though his curiosity is genuine and he has an odd habit of licking people, either with his tongue or with one of his Tentaclaws.
Personality Towards Trusted People: There are very few he is loyal to, and when he is, not only will he speak to you, he will babble on and on and on. He is a friend for life and little will get rid of him. He is loyal to a fault, but his first instinct will always be self-preservation.
Personality Towards Distrusted People: You are either food, or something to be utterly squashed. If you have a heart and he distrusts you-everyone but a select few-he will attempt to devour you. If you lack a heart, he will just try to crush you with one of his Tentaclaws or rip you to shreds with his ghost-like claws, perhaps death from his huge swinging coffin-body. Either way, if he's not using you, he will likely make it known through violence that he doesn't like you.
First Impression: He's likely to come across as a small child, curious and innocent by nature, even as a Heartless. Perhaps a bit strange, as he tends to form opinions on people from their taste.


Favorite Food: Other Heartless
Least Favorite Food: Nobodies
Favorite Instrument: He doesn't play, but he enjoys violin music
Least Favorite Instrument: Anything really, really loud, like drums
Favorite Person: No one, yet
Least Favorite Person: Xemnas, because he's the Nobody leader
Hobbies: Eating Heartless, tricking people, traveling, checking out new worlds
I decided to do a profile for my human shaped version of the Leechgrave, a boss from Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days. In my mind, he is a very childish character--when he wants to be. Though he can be cruel, too, and torment his victims.

I'm hoping to one day use him in an RP or story, but only if people show interest in Lee. :3

The profile skeleton is taken from here: [link] and it was made by =Metroid-Tamer.
I do not own Leechgrave, only the concept of his human form, and I also do not own Kingdom Hearts.
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XalnecTheNobody Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2011
Interesting character description, ide like to meet this character... and if only i could, without getting devoured. hehe, however i still would attempt to meet him, even if he tried devouring me, im just that risky. (also there is the fact that i desire to become a nobody <.< >.>) besides, ide find it entertaining, and if all else failed, ide go down willing *coughs* anyways. Ide enjoy a rp with ya sometime.

Lately ive grown a liking to Leechgraves.
NiGhTReDux Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2011
Gahhhhh!!!! I H-A-T-E-D that thing!!! It took me like 20 trys to beat that thing!!!! I mean I beat Xion in less time!!! (takes deep breath) This looks like a very good character,can't wait for you to write another story with him/it.
MJSmoothCriminal999 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2010
Wow, I really like Lee.... :3 *hugs Lee*

You should use him in an RP AND a Story. I never played Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days, but I've played Kingdom Hearts, Chain of Memories, and Kingdom Hearts 2, so to me, this is new and amazing. If you want, we could RP together or if you need help with a story, you can ask me. I have a few heartless of my own too

Anyway, nice Lee you created ^^

SpectralIris Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2010
I'm currently on break due to things that have happened in my life. Sorry.
MJSmoothCriminal999 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2010
It's okay. Just asking. I just like the way you do your characters, that's all
DR4WNOUT Featured By Owner May 16, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
I could draw this sometime if you want. You gotta describe how he looks more though. Or at least do a rough sketch I can work off of.
SpectralIris Featured By Owner May 16, 2010
I can probably do a rough sketch of him if I tried.
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